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X Series Ultra Short-Throw Projector Arm with adjusting knob

Product Features:

1. Up and down, left and right, and horizontal adjustments are all adjusted by knobs, which is simple and convenient.
2. The cantilever bracket body adopts a profile structure design to enhance its bearing capacity and improve its overall stability. It overcome the “bending down” problem of the traditional cantilever bracket after a period of using. In addition, a special structure is adopted at the junction of the inner and outer tubes, which greatly increases the adjustment range of the inner and outer tubes.
3. The cantilever holding base adopts a frame structure design and has a large connection area with the wall and has more fixed points, which overcomes the phenomenon of loose joints with the wall , which is common problem of the traditional cantilever projector arm.
4. The painting surface is made of electrostatic spray, with beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance.
5. Suitable for most of laser projectors

Technical Parameters
Specification 03 Specification 05 Specification 08 Specification 12 Specification
Model X03 X05 X08 X12
Net Weight 4kg 4.5kg 5.4kg 6.2kg
Gross Weight 5kg 5.5kg 6.6kg 7.4kg
Rated Loading Weight 20kg 18kg 16kg 14kg
Adjusting Range 260mm-520mm 365mm-635mm 550mm-100mm 665mm-1250mm
Packing Size for 1 set 370*180*280mm 445*180*280mm 660*180*280mm 710*180*280mm
Other Parameters
Materials   Cold rolled steel plate, plastic
Holding Base Cover Size 36*27cm
Cantilever length* width 10.5*5cm
Outer tube bottom plate 19×10.9cm
Cantilever diameter 5cm
Processing of Internal and external pipe Mold extrusion
Cantilever size The arm of the supporting cantilever is made of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the gap between the inner and outer tubes of the telescopic structure is ≤0.1mm
Surface treatment Electrostatic spraying treatment after pickling and phosphating
Loading weight The product bending down no more than 3mm when the machine weighs 15 kg
Position drift When hoisting a projector within 15 kg, there is no displacement when the external force slightly touches the projector
Fixed base size The projector arm fixed base adopts high-quality steel plate larger than 235mm*145mm*2.5mm
Angle adjustment The screen pans up and down as a whole, the size of the screen, the screen horizontally pans left and right, the left and right trapezoid of the screen, the up and down trapezoid of the screen, the height of the screen can be adjusted in 6 directions, 3 of which have fine-tuning knobs
Hole position The connecting plate is equipped with grippers, which can be installed in different holes

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