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      Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co.,Ltd.

     The company was founded on 2006. It has ten years of experience in the field of Educational Information Technology. We are committed to the development of interactive high-tech products, specializing in Interactive Classroom Teaching Software, Infrared Interactive Whiteboards and Infrared Touch Screen LCD Monitors. We have a R&D department, a production management system, and an improved sales and service organization, joined to Development, Production and Commerce in an only High-Tech and Software Development Company.

     iBoard was officially established on the 6th of February of 2007 in Shenzhen, China. In 2014 it was reestablished as a stock company, officially changing its name to Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co. Ltd. iBoard. Our company has already been listed as a High Tech Company and a Shenzhen Software Company. As of the 26th of December of 2014 received the approval letter and was officially listed on the 15th of January of 2015 on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) (Stock name: IBOARD Stock code: 831753) the same year the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce awarded the certification of “Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province” to iBoard. 

      Between 2008 and 2015 iBoard sells went from 1,690,000 RMB to 120,000,000 RMB, with a CARG annual average increase rate of 94.44%. In the international market its products have presence in 80 countries and territories; and in the Domestic Market all the 34 administration divisions of the People’s Republic of China.


     iBoard maintains a focus on the customer, dedication as a core value, and a continuous innovation based on customers demand and gaining their respect and trust. iBoard independently obtained its core infrared technology, possess an ample experience and innovation, and is committed to human-computer interaction and infrared touch application development with a professional team; we always focus on strategy, innovation, and accurately computerize the traditional ways of education bringing profound changes, and carrying out an ongoing process of computerizing the education by a core of series of products, a significant R & D investment, the company's products in the interactive education have obtained tremendous advantages, the company has always been at the forefront of the sector to lead the development of the industry. 
     in the future, the entire world’s investment on Education will continue increasing,the integration of Information Technology and Education will greatly change the range and model of Education. iBoard will seize this historic opportunity for development, sales increase, attract talented people to join the company, and gradually optimize the product structure and business model. At the same time the internal management will continue its reform and optimization, improve the efficiency, integration and cooperation with external resources, and lastly effectively and efficiently grow, expand its business scope and improve profitability.

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