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Company Strengths

R&D advantage 

      IBoard's R & D center is focused on the research and development of products, mainly software, hardware and testing equipment, including the "Whiteboard Basic Technology Research Room", "Hardware Technology Research Room", "Software Technology Research Room", "Teaching Resources Research Room", "Products Laboratory", "Construction and Production Technology Research Room", "Distance Education Laboratory and Industrial Applications Research Room" summing  seven professional departments of research.

      The company has always focused on strategy, innovation, and accurately bringing the informatization on the traditional Educational model to profound changes in the trend. It has an ongoing, significant R & D investment in core technology Educational Information products, making the company's interactive educational products have a huge advantage, always on the forefront of the industry, continuing to develop into a leading company on the field of information technology education.

Making advantage

     In order to further improve product quality, market competitiveness, promote quality management to a new level, increasing the science, scope and standards of the operational model the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, this certification covers the production, operation management and the whole process of formation of a set of perfect quality assurance system.

     The company from the quality policy, quality manuals to the quality system program files and other quality files and records, has formed a complete, scientific and effective quality control file system. All aspects of the quality of products, namely marketing, product design and development, purchases, manufacturing, testing to after-sale service are efficiently controlled by the operation of the Quality System.
     During the system's operation, and constantly its effectiveness and suitability of internal audits and management review, and take timely and effective corrective and preventive measures to improve the entire quality process of the company that is always in a state of auto-review.


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