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WSD-DW Universal Round Pipe Ceiling Mount Projector Arm
Universal round pipe ceiling mount projector arm  

1. Product introduction
Made of carbon steel. All parts are pickled, phosphated and plastic sprayed. The main connecting screws are anti-theft specific screws. 
It is universal design for general projectors.   

2. Adjustment range and packing information

Model  Adjustment Rang(cm) Packing dimension(cm)
for 1 set
Packing dimension(cm)
for 10 sets
for 10 sets
WSD-DW10 60-100 50*11*15 58.5*52*33 19
WSD-DW15 90-150 76*11*15 78*59*33 33
WSD-DW20 140-250 103*11*15 105.5*59*33 38

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