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WSD-ZYC Universal Short Throw Projector Arm

Technical Parameter:

Model:  WSD-ZYC15
Material: carbon steel
Bearing weight: 12kg
Wall mount holding plate size: 24.5 x 22.2cm, thickness 3mm 
Tube inner/outer size: 
 5.5 × 5.4cm/7.4 × 6.4cm, thickness 1.2 mm
Holding palte plastic cover size: less than 25 x22cm 
Holidng palte plastic cover color : White   
Wiring mode: internal wiring, easy to thread the wires.  
Focus distance: Scale marks is pasted on the telescopic tube, make it more convenient for installation, reference and adjustment.  
Height adjustment: there is adjusting holes at the holding plate, this enable height adjustable for the cantilever. 
Surface treatment: shot blasting + electrostatic spraying, good anti rust ability
Adjusting range of gripper: diagonal 24-34.2cm

Besides WSD-ZYC15, other models for smaller adjustment range is also available.  

Model  Adjustment Range  N.W for 1 set  G.W for 2 sets in one carton  Packing Size(2 sets/ctn)
WSD-ZYC05 40-60 cm 2.5kg 5.8kg 59.5×25×23 cm
WSD-ZYC08 60-90 cm 3.6kg 7.6kg 78×24×26.2 cm
WSD-ZYC12 80-120cm 4.6kg 9.6kg 92×24×26.2 cm
WSD-ZYC15 100-150cm 5.5kg 11.5kg 112×24×26.2 cm
Warning: please do not exceed the maximum adjusting limited position to load projector. 

Pictures show:


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