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iBoard debuts at InfoComm 2015 in India

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-08

  From September 1 to 3, Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. didn’t lose the occasion to attend the annual edition of InfoComm in the Bombay Exhibition Center.
  InfoComm is a professional Audiovisual and ICTs Industry Exhibition for the Asia-Pacific region. Since its establishment, it has gathered more than 5000 members and companies from more than 80 countries, including manufacturers, system integrators, dealers and distributors, independent consultants, end-users and multimedia specialists in the Asian region for Education, Business and Training buyers and sellers, with an considerable influence.

  This 2015 InfoComm attracted 18,850 specialized visitors. Whether the characteristics of products or system integration solutions, that the sellers’ products displayed in the expo raised a lot inquiries is in an undoubtedly success.
  Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of Education Interactive Products manufacturing, this time bringing the All-in-one Touch Screen Monitor, Interactive Whiteboard and latest Laser Projector to the expo, at the same time inviting another manufacturer, Shenzhen Ruiqu, to join us in the stand, putting our Educational Interactive devices and their Educational Recording and Broadcasting system perfectly together. Not only giving the attendees totally new experience, but also bringing a new Educational Solution to the industry.
  At the Expo, many businessmen came to our booth and showed great interests on our products. Some people proposed to be our representatives in India. According to talking with participants, the education industry has a great potential in India. In order to attract consumers from this country, we need to meet their specific needs and provide appropriate products and prices.
  The more backward education is, the more desire it has for development, and the greater opportunities it has in this market. Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the pledge of "global education contribution", and constantly promote the development of new products to meet the needs of different countries and markets, so that any place that needs education has iBoard’s products, so that places with education difficulties will no longer suffer.
  India's 2015 ICT conference concluded. See you next year!


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