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Ecuador's ambassador couple who work in Cuba visit iBoard

Source:iboardRelease time:2018-05-30

       iBoard shares since it is established, has been concerned about the development of education industry, and actively promotes technological innovation and product innovation. Through ten years of hard work,iBoard has achieved brilliant results and won the recognition of the majority of users. On August 21, the Ecuadorian ambassador to Cuba, a couple from the United States visitediBoard and communicated with each other.
       Accompanied by Ehco, director of foreign trade, the visiting guests had a close talk with Xu Jun, general manager of iBoard. On the way, they visited iBoard's headquarters in Shenzhen and got a detailed understanding of the company's development in recent years. The ambassador of Ecuador to Cuba highly praised the achievements made by iBoard in the development of educational equipment and educational informatization.
       During the visit, the head of the foreign trade department, Echo, introduced the convenient use of iBoard’s products and product characteristics in the headquarters, and answered the questions of the guests. Through this visit and communication, the Ecuadorian ambassador to Cuba has made an in-depth understanding about the iBoard shares’ touch machine, laser projector, multi-media teaching machine, electronic whiteboard and smart class card, and has given a great expectation to the future development plan. iBoard shares will also use more advanced products and better services to assist the development of educational equipment industry.

       Subsequently, the delegation of Ecuador's ambassador to Cuba, Xu Jun, general manager of iBoard, and Echo, director of foreign trade came to iBoard to visit Dongguan factory. After entering the factory, visitors saw the bustling and busy production scene. Although very busy, all processes including production, installation, testing, packaging and so on, are carried out in strict accordance with the high quality standards in order to ensure the quality of all equipment in the factory. During the visit, the factory director also explained the overall process of the processing link in detail to the guests, so that the guests had a deep understanding of each process behind iBoard. Finally, the ambassador of Ecuador to Cuba and the wife of the board of directors highly affirmed iBorad’s products.

       In recent years, complying with the trend of national industrial integration, iBoard has been continuously promoting information equipment more in line with the needs of users through its own technology research and development and in-depth cooperation with industry giants, combined with the actual situation of the education market. As a result, iBoard is greatly popular with educational users. At present, iBoard has beeen a leading brand with a variety of products not only in the educational equipment industry, but also in the field of global interactive multimedia devices. 

       In the future, iBoard stock will continue moving forward, repay the trust of customers, maintain the consistent development strategy, take the customer-orientated, provide the highest quality products and services, play the role of leader in educational equipment industry, actively take social responsibility, expand public welfare undertakings, and create more social benefits.

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