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Large quantity orders arrrive in iBoard, Singing a new prod

Source:iboardRelease time:2018-05-30

      With the coming of summer vacation, the students left school for the holidays. As a leading enterprise in the education industry, iBoard bears more social responsibility and production pressure, while overseas orders are also frequently emerging, so iBoard will usher in the busiest season.
      In the summer vacation, the peak season of production began. Many customers visited iBoard, and then domestic orders increased significantly. The scene of bustliang production was as follow.
       During the peak production period, iBoard analyzed the layout in advance. The production department, technology department, purchasing department and sales department have good communication in this hectic season, and work together to improve work efficiency for avoiding short supply. Although iBoard stock has been working at full capacity , it still cannot fully meet the strong demand of the market.
       While working at full capacity, iBoard firmly adheres to the principle of quality first and safety first. All processes, including product production, equipment operation and raw material purchase, are operated in strict accordance with quality standards. Even if there are many orders, we firmly guarantee the quality of our products.
       As a high-tech enterprise with 10 years of experience in educational informatization, iBoard is leading the long-term development in the field of farsightedness and is committed to the deep integration of information technology and education. iBoard has a good prospect in domestic and foreign markets. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the state has accelerated the construction process of "three links and two platforms" and comprehensively improved the supporting capacity of educational informatization. In particular, it has increased the central government's investment in educational informatization in the central and western regions, and guided local governments to strengthen financial investment to support educational informatization in rural and remote areas.
       Board seized this opportunity and invested nearly one million yuan to establish a production base in Huangjiang, Dongguan. The new production base covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and the whole set of production equipment has been updated. At the same time, the training of staff's professional skills, professionalism and sense of responsibility has been strengthened, and the entire production operation process has been strictly standardized, that means, to create a standardized, fine production process and an efficient production management mode.
       Simultaneously, in order to satisfy the needs of the company's development strategy, the company formally established Shenzhen Aibodiun Intellectual Technology Co., Ltd. to expand the coverage of sales channels through the independent operation of its subsidiaries, establish future market competitive advantages, and achieve rapid sales growth. As a solution provider of intelligent information publishing system, Aibodiun intelligent technology will focus on intelligent information publishing system products (digital advertising machine, 3D display equipment, large screen splicing system, KTV hotel system, etc.). And the raw material collection trade and the application of the intelligent information system are the breakthrough points to form a better interaction with the upstream and downstream customers, which is conducive to strengthening the further exploration of the original business of iBoard on the supply chain business.
       Iron also needs its own hardness. In addition, quality and reputation are the survival way of iBoard and the gold brand of iBoard. Xu Jun, general manager of iBoard, solemnly said at the company's internal meeting: "among the many honorary certificates obtained by the company over the years, the most important one is the contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Guangdong Province, so I put it in the most prominent position." The brief but loud words not only show the attitude of iBoard, but also reflect the responsibility of the enterprise. With good brand awareness and excellent product quality, iBoard is well-known by many users.

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