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Peak Season Manufacturing Report – Making Every Second Count

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-14

       Every summer is almost a vacation time for primary and secondary schools around the world, but for iboard, it's the busiest time of the year, and orders emerge like the flood. Time is money, because schools need to install educational products before the start of the new semester, and it is usually only a short time to meet the order delivery.

        Every year, we receive a large number of orders from education centers around the world, which need to be completed in a short time, so we needs to try our best. Even if the weather is hot in Shenzhen in summer, iBoard’s employees do not slack off.

   Today, let's take a look at these hard-working people on the production line.

   At 8:30, Chen Qinyun, manager of the manufacturing department and director of the factory, came to the workshop early and began to arrange the production plan of the day, and summarized the production situation in yesterday. After the employees arrived at the post, they started today's production immediately. Large production workshop, roaring machines, pipeline operation, day and night, employees in an orderly production and installation. In the busiest production season, everyone is working hard.

      The R & D department and product management department are responsible for dealing with the problems raised by customers. Although the company does not have such regulations, many employees will take the initiative to work overtime, spend time on testing and error prevention, and ensure product quality.

      Every day in the industrial zone, the most striking thing is that our partners are packing and transporting products, putting IWB and other equipment on trucks, regardless of weather conditions. 350 cases of IWB are shipped by 1-2 trucks every day, with an average of more than 14 tons of products per day.

    The staff in the office provide excellent service for customers and factories, the colleagues in the purchasing department is busy to purchase materials, and the colleagues in the accounting department work overtime to ensure payment. Every day, everyone will spend their spare time on putting screws, packaging, installation and so on. General manager Xu Jun is a person who usually works late into the night. In the busiest season, everyone works hard together. One of iBoard's philosophies is to achieve common goals through cooperation between different departments.

    Many people who work closely with iBoard are moved by this and believe our manufacturing and quality control processes that make our business more frequent. In the future, we will further improve our customer service and strive to become a leader in the interactive solutions industry.

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