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iBoard Employees Birthday Party Report – Homely feeling

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-08


  Lighting up the candles, making a wish, singing “Happy Birthday”, the general manager Xu Jun gave every birthday boy or girl a greeting card written by himself, eating birthday cake and snacks and so on. Last Saturday night iBoard celebrated employees’ birthdays together as one of our own monthly activities.

  At the birthday party, employees shared jokes and enjoyed snacks and cakes. There were nine people who spend their birthdays this month, and the employees shared their happiness. A young and powerful employee said: “This environment is very special, and it has totally different meanings with the concern of the company, especially because we celebrate with so many young people. It looks like a dream, as if it brings back the excitement and vitality.”

  Since the establishment of the company, iBoard has been committed to the company's cultural construction, giving every employee a sense of home. In addition to the monthly birthday celebration, iBoard also held an international trip and a national trip in November. Xu Jun, general manager of iBoard, said that all employees, like a family, will continue to motivate the whole company to do better and make every employee feel happy and fulfilled.

  On this occasion, the birthday party not only deepened the relationship between leaders and employees, but also made employees experience a feeling that employees work together to contribute to the prosperity of the company, which undoubtedly supports the soul of the iBoard’s culture.

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