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ILP-U series

Immediate turn on/off

Fast use without waiting, immediate turn on/off, no need for cooling and heating time;
Unforeseen power cut protection, it doesn't produce any damage, effective protection of student's safety;

Closed dust-proof air-cooling

Closed ray module design, with excellent dust proof effect, effectively guarantee the life of the laser light source;
Straight-through ventilation and sealed ray design, super high stability laser light source, effective solution to the problem of classroom's dust;

Ultra short throw projection, big projection surface, multiple 3D modes

Ricoh® internal reflective ultra-short focus lens, breaks distance limitations, with a short distance can project on a 80-inch surface;
Multiple 3D modes, support s 3D stereoscopic projection, Blu-ray 3D video playback, and 3D classroom;

HD Brightness Color

Up to 20,000 hours Laser light source life, three times the one of a common mercury lamp;
It has high brightness, excellent quality, long life, low cost, large size and other characteristics

Projection system: Using a new generation DMD projection chip;
Light source technology: Pure blue solid state laser light source module, Light source lifetime 20,000 hours;
brightness(ISO21118LM): 3600LM/4000LM;
Contrast: 12000:1;
Projection ratio : 0.23;
Resolution: 1920*1080;
Supported resolution: VGA(640*480)-1080P(1920*1080);
Aspect ratio: default16:9,suppport 16:10   4:3;
Projection Screen size: 30 inch-300 inch;
Keystone correction: Supports ±30°Horizontal and Vertical Digital Keystone correction, Automatic vertical correction;
Input port:
PC input (Computer in) x1,video input (Composite Video) x1,S-video input (S-video) x1
Component video input (Component video) x1,HDMI input x1,HDMI/MHL input x1,audio input (Audio in) x1
Audio L/R input (Audio L/R in) x1,RJ-45 x1
Output port: PC output (Computer out) x1,OPT Optical fiber Audio output (Audio out) x1;
Control port: RS232 (DB-9pin) x1,Infrared receiverx1;
High power speaker: 10W * 2 ;
Working voltage: AC100~240V,50/60HZ;
Power consumption: Low power consumption design, working power≤480W, standby power ≤0.5W;
Product size: 508.7*390.0*144.5mm;

Special features:
          Intelligent temperature detection. When temperature exceeds the limit, turns to standby mode automatically;
          Complete sealing modular design, with excellent dustproof effect, ensuring the lifetime of the laser light source effectively;
          Multiple 3D modes, supports DLP link 3D; 3DTV PLAY stereoscopic projection, supports Blu-ray 3D video playback and 3D classroom;
          External android system, which can implement intelligent projecto;
          Fast use, no waiting: boot instant, power off in 0 seconds, no need for cool down time, accidental power-off protection function, power-off without damage;                                        
          Human eye protection function, when the body moves in front of the lens,the sensors will adapt immediately, and the brightness will be reduced to 30% ;
          Heat pipe cooling technology;
          Supports smart power-saving mode, reduce the loss of light source;
          Fan speed can be adjusted automatically according to the temperature;

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