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TG Whiteboard for Projection and Dry Erase(Optional)

iBoard TG Series Projection board is an ideal solution as alternative product of traditional projection screen, and is the BEST solution as projection board for interactive projectors. 

An example case of proejction board for interactive projector:

Product Features:

--All-in-one projection surface — whiteboard surface is optimized for projection, with minimal glare or reflection, there are two surfaces for selection:
I. Nano matte surface 
>> Standard projection surface, ideal solution for projection,  but not support dry-erase. 

II. Ceramic surface with below feactures:

>>If board is made with ceramic surface, it is dry-erase supporting and easy to clean — you can use water pen to write and  just use cloth to clean.
>>Lasting durability (for ceramic surface option)  —ceramic surface, aluminum frame, steel-backed construction and square miter corners provide quality you can count on for years, with a more than 20-year limited guarantee.
>> More expensive than nano surface.
>> glare or reflection little weaker than nano surface. 

--Supports the projection size you need — the perfect companion for your widescreen (1080p) projector, supporting images up to 99" diagonal (16:9),  or more than 100" (if used ceramic surface,  if it is more than 100",  it need to use non-standard ceramic surface and price will be much higher.)
--Ideal for touch-enabled interactive projectors,  with additional interactive kit holding bracket if requested.   
--magnetic whiteboard surface,  if the interactive kit is magnetic attachable, we are able to reserve additional space at top of board allows for quick and easy installation of the touch module without a bracket.  This needs to make customized sizes, if needed, you can consult with us for more informaiton.

Below is a recommended size for 1080P laser projectors.
If need other sizes for other projector,  can refer to other dimension drawings in the specification page.  
Customized sizes are also welcome if the order quantity is massitive.

IB-99TG  99"  projection size   16:9

Product Common Parameters:

--Frame Aluminum 
--Construction Steel-backed and square miter corners
--Surface Material nano surface; combination projection 
--Dry-erase ceramic surface is optional 

Other recommended sizes:

IB-77TG  77"  projection size   4:3

IB-88TG  88"  projection size   16:10

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