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IBX-U3 Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Product Introduction 

Portable Interactive Whiteboard is a kind of intelligent digital education equipment widely used for school teaching, business meeting, work reporting, business planning and other related field. It is an convenient and easy-taking device which can convert any flat surface to an interactive surface when using along with projector. This kind of interactive whiteboard is a revolution to the old blackboard with chalk writing.  It convert the traditional education to digital teaching, and it is enviroment-friendly as it will not generally chalk dust.  

A powerful Drawview whiteboard software developed by ourselves is provided, the software provide abundant teaching tools such as different type of pens, erase, math tools, shielder, spotlight, recorder, etc.  And as the whiteboard turn the projection screen from projector interactive,  it is more convenient for the communication of teacher and students. Teaching can operate and control their PC from the interactive screen to play video,  PPT,  do annotation on courseware, etc. 

And as it is portable and small size,  teachers can install and remove it easily, it is very convenient. 


   Product Features

  •  Leading locating technique: Adopt advanced infrared and ultrasonic technology, suitable for colorful
  • hand write in large area, with higher resolution ratio, faster response speed, and more sensitive operation.
  •  Uses more precision digital chips, offers better performance.
  • Product easy and convenient, user-friendly controlling.
  • Standard USB HID port, available for Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • USB port, not necessary external power sourcing.
  • Wire / Wireless mode for operation.
  • E-pen with left click and right click function, totally emulate mouse function.
  • Offers professional material library

Model Number iBX-U3
Dimension 227mm x 43mm x 11mm
Active Area 30-80 inch
Weight 80 g
Working Way Wired Wireless (Optional)
Power Input USB power supply AC100-240V; 50/60 Hz
Positioning Technology Infrared and Ultrasonic
Writing Way Electronic Pen
Response Speed 3m/s
Positioning Accuracy 0.1mm
Resolution Rate Any resolution supported by the computer
Data Interface USB1.1
Operating System
Free drive design, support Windows®2000,Windows®XP, Windows®7, Windows®8, Mac OS, Linux, Android 4.0 above
Operating Temperature 10~35℃
Operating Humidity 10~80%
Accessories User manual, electronic pen, USB cable (5m/16ft),
CD Disk, pen point, metal fixed plate
Accessories Optional Wireless module, the second electronic pen

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