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iBoard Popular in 122nd Canton Fair

Source:iboardRelease time:2018-05-30

       On October 15, the 122nd China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair") was opened on schedule in Guangzhou. In recent years, the global trade situation is in a downturn and the world economy has entered a period of deep adjustment. In this context, the two sessions of the Canton Fair more concerned by all parties. In this exhibition, the debut of the technology products brought by iBoard attracted a great deal of attention.The Canton Fair focused on promoting trade with the countries along the "One Belt and One Road". At present, the Canton Fair has signed cooperation agreements with 45 industrial and commercial institutions in 32 countries along the "One Belt and One Road". and will organize 14 national delegations along the "One Belt and One Road" Group to visit and procurement. Exhibitors from countries along the Belt and Road account for about 60% of the total import exhibition area, covering all 6 product areas of the import exhibition area. 6 countries including Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand organize to visit the exhibition with the form of national pavilions.

      Canton Fair full name is China Import and Export Fair, also known as Guangzhou Trade Fair, the English name is Canton fair. Was founded in the spring of 1957. It is held in Guangzhou in Spring and Autumn each year and has 60 years of history since 2017. It is the longest history, highest level, largest scale, most complete variety of products,  largest number of merchants, Good comprehensive international trade event in china.

In recent years, buyers are getting more and more horizons, and their demands on enterprises and products are getting higher and higher. Enterprises must innovate and start their own brands so that have possible to standout in the fierce market competition. In product innovation, Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. do not hesitate to increase the cost of product design and research and development with hard work to stand out on the stage of the Canton Fair, to get more eye-catching.
       It is understood that the Canton Fair brings together more than 2,000 brand enterprises, a large number of independent intellectual property rights, independent brands and core technology leading enterprises to bring the latest products exhibitors, some companies’product update rate reaches to 80%, intelligent, branding, high-end, custom And low-carbon green products become the trend.
       Uphold high-quality, high-grade, user-oriented product strategy, and constantly enhance their research and development strength, the introduction of the world's most advanced core technologies, independent research and innovation touch products has been well received by the market, selling the country and exported to the world More than 100 countries. The Canton Fair scene, iBoard was very popular.

       At the scene, a merchant from the Middle East said that at previous Fair Education Exhibition, the iBoard brand has been recognized by the Middle East users, and its continuous improvement of technology will surely bring users a better experience, and he thinks it is outstanding The quality and leading technology is his deepest impression on the iBoard brand.
        In response to the actual needs of consumers, the high-end and durable products developed by iBoard have won the favor of both industry professionals and international people‘s superior performance. While keeping up with technological innovation, iBoard shares pay more attention to the strict control of the production link. In the raw materials, structural design, production equipment, production processes, and other areas are to achieve excellence, every aspect of production are in innovation and upgrading, to pursuit the ultimate perfection of every detail, only to provide higher quality and durable products.

       iBoard shares hard power brand, refresh the global users of "Made in China" understanding. "The top high-end interactive whiteboard in the country", "iBoard product durable is absolute truth" and so on, the perfect presentation of the brand status and value of the iBoard shares to the world to demonstrate the company's overseas brand is  higher-end durability , Durable products attracted a large number of overseas exhibitors who had long been interested in the iBoard  went to the booth to see what happened and set off global users' awareness of "Made in China".

        At present, iBoard based on the actual needs of users, from the supply side force, and promote technological innovation, product innovation, business model innovation, service innovation and management innovation to produce high-quality products in line with market demand, efforts to foster technology, Brand, quality, service, standards as the core of the new competitive advantages and promote innovation and development of foreign trade.

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