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iBoard teams up with Foxconn, Overall Layout of the Chinese

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-14

        The 70th China Education Equipment Exhibition hosted by China Education Equipment Industry Association was held in Shenyang International Expo Center, Liaoning Province from May 8 to 10, 2016. iBoard shares, together with Foxconn, arranged domestic intelligent education, and brought advanced integrated intelligent education solutions, latest products and technologies to the exhibition, especially Foxconn’s laser projector, iBoard’s smart campus (Wechat School Connection) and smart classroom solutions, and iBoard’s large and small interactive classroom on the same screen. Its unique design concept changes the traditional teaching mode. The scientific solutions highlight the new technologies, achievements and concepts of iBoard in the field of education and teaching, attracting a large number of customers to visit.
 iBoard caught audiences’ sight for its simple and elegant style of exhibition stand.
        In this exhibition, the rich informatization cases and practical and meticulous staff of iBoard refresh the vision of education users again. iBoard's overall solution for intelligent education, iBoard's wechat mobile platform, large and small screen interactive classroom, multimedia teaching whiteboard integrated machine, infrared single cavity multimedia teaching integrated machine, capacitance touch LCD integrated machine, etc. lead the domestic similar products.
        iBoard shares and Foxconn will work together to arrange domestic smart education. This time, the smart classroom solution "Foxconn’s laser projector + iBoard’s large-scale infrared electronic whiteboard + iBoard’s multimedia teaching terminal system" has become a highlight of the exhibition. The so-called "smart classroom solution" is to fully release the potential of large-scale electronic whiteboard with a new laser projection technology. We know that the characteristics of the education market determine that the number of people who use the electronic whiteboard is at least dozens. In order for so many people to see every detail of the display screen at the same time, the display size must be large enough, and the display effect also needs to be clear and delicate enough. The laser projector fully meets the needs of the development of the large-scale electronic whiteboard, which is the "most reasonable" for the education market. What’s more, the electronic whiteboard advancing in operation experience has won users’ favors. For example, in terms of writing experience, the delay between writing and the content presented on the screen is very transient, the response time is almost imperceptible, and teachers' writing becomes more natural and smoother.
        The launch of the iBoard’s smart classroom solution proves that the advanced teaching theory idea of iBoard is very consistent with the direction of educational information work.

The iBoard’s booth
        iBoard’s smart campus solution is a mobile smart service platform with Wechat Enterprise Account as the portal and cloud platform as the support, mainly including teacher management system, class management system and campus security management system, which has the characteristics of high security, mobile efficiency, strong compatibility and easy expansion. 
Experience Wechat ecology and smart campus life
Advanced design concepts and functions attracted the audiences
        At the exhibition, iBoard also launched the world's first 135-inch electronic whiteboard integrated machine with a new 16:6 scale Foxconn’s laser projector. With its perfect seamless splicing technology and advanced writing and display functions, it has attracted the attention of many visitors at home and abroad, and has attracted a large number of consultants and negotiators, and has won unanimous praise from people from all walks of life.
        Mr. Xu Jun, chairman of iBoard, said that iBoard's smart education series not only makes teaching more convenient, but also greatly enhances the interaction between teachers and students, to comprehensively improve the quality of teaching. We will continue being committed to the research and development and production of innovative educational products, constantly develop new products, win the trust of the market with high-quality products and services, and comprehensively promote the development of education.

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