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iBoard's Interactive Products Showed on Taipei Computex 2016

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-06-03

     The 2016 Taipei Computer Exhibition opened in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on 31st. 269 computer manufacturers from mainland China came from Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen and other places. The computer exhibition is the largest in Asia and the second largest in the world. It is the 36th computer exhibition in Taipei. The theme of this computer exhibition is "building the world science and technology ecosystem". Focusing on Internet of things technology application and innovation, business solutions for mobile devices and terminal sales systems, and e-sports, it has attracted 1602 manufacturers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to settle in. 

2016 Taipei Computex’s Official Inauguration
     Every major Technology Manufacturer comes with its cutting-edge products and technologies to the exhibition. Among them, iBoard brings its All-in-one Touch Screen Monitor, Laser Projector, Interactive Whiteboard and other Educational Interactive Devices, unveiling it's full line of products. Based on the "Internet +" innovation's Smart Education Solutions field, iBoard attracted customers to gather on the stand. 
 Customers all over the world like iBoard’s Interactive Products
      In the "Internet +" era, the Smart Education has become a new direction of development for Education, the construction of the classroom’s knowledge, developing Smart Teaching, is conducive to changing the traditional teaching methods, with instant depth of interaction for the student. At the same time, it can create multiple scenarios for Smart Teaching, display integration, creativity and knowledge of highly interactive and informatized new teaching methods.
      iBoard Smart Education Solutions are a suite of overall solutions integrating hardware and softwares. It focuses on information technology education to provide teaching, research and management tools with comprehensive IT services, software and hardware support so as to improve the level of Education. Through a variety of classroom knowledge building IT integration and improving the learning ability of the center.
       iBoard is customer-centric and innovates continuously according to customers’ needs, so as to win customers' respect and trust. iBoard has rich experience and is brave in innovation, with infrared touch core technology, as well as a group of experienced and innovative professional infrared touch development and application team. We always pay attention to strategy and innovation, and accurately grasp the trend that informatization brings profound changes to traditional education methods. iBoard will continue focusing on users, paying attention to user experience and human-oriented design while developing hardware and software products, and striving to create new interactive teaching programs to achieve high-quality and efficient education. 

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