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iBoard focuses on the global market with great success

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-24

    From May 18 to 20, 2016, with the support of the Japanese and British governments, the Educational IT Solutions Expo, EDIX, held by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, attracted the attention of the international community. In just three days of the exhibition, participants from more than 100 countries came to participate, including heads of IT enterprises, international education administrative representatives, experts and scholars.

      As an international leader among education IT brands, iBoard made its debut in this international IT education technology exhibition, attracting great attention from domestic and foreign guests. First of all, the large-scale interactive whiteboard with the latest ultra short distance laser projector and broadcast software has caused a great sensation in the exhibition hall by foreign international organizations. Secondly, the new design of iBoard's integrated touch screen display has received positive feedback from experts, directors and teachers. Third, as the last interactive product of iBoard, Draw View Pad’s innovative functions and design also attracted the interest of the attendees. 

    Due to its long-term focus on the international market, iBoard has achieved fruitful results in this exhibition, especially in the All-in-one Touch Screen Monitors and Draw View Pad. Integrated with LED display, infrared multi-point touch technology, PC and other functions, the user can play his mobile device screen on the touch screen display through the synchronization of broadcasting software independently developed by iBoard to achieve synchronization. Compared with similar products, Draw View Pad is easy to use and durable, which is the best way to use for business meetings, lectures, etc. At the same time, Draw View Pad combines touch technology with whiteboard writing, allowing more intuitive interaction and recording of meeting minutes.

      When customers see that the integrated touch screen display of iBoard can realize Android + Windows dual system, and it is compatible with a variety of software operating systems, especially Linux, they can't help exclaiming "it's amazing!" A Japanese local video company and a lot of Japanese TV stations are interested in coming to iBoard's booth to inquire about our products.
      Details determine success or failure, and services create value. iBoard has rich experience and is brave in innovation, with infrared touch core technology, as well as a group of experienced and innovative professional infrared touch development and application team. We always pay attention to strategy and innovation, and accurately grasp the trend that informatization brings profound changes to traditional education methods. iBoard will continue focusing on users, paying attention to user experience and human-oriented design while developing hardware and software products, and striving to create new interactive teaching programs to achieve high-quality and efficient education.
We’re all part of iBoard. iBoard's Japanese members attended the exhibition.
       iBoard is committed to the development of international education with its branch in Japan. Using the rich experience of Japanese team in product quality, strengthen the quality management of iBoard factory itself, so as to yield products with high quality. iBoard will deepen its internationalization and continue to strive to become a leading education IT enterprise.

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