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Multimedia Terminal ZK-75 Integrated Touch Screen Monitor in v

OPS computer module, high-performance processor

The latest Intel® microarchitecture full range of high-performance processors to allow the OS to run continuously and steadily, to further develop the strong performance of the All-in-one;
Pluggable computer module, without having to disassemble the equipment, forming a complete and stylized product, with a convenient after-sale maintenance, reducing logistics and labor costs;

Multi-functional integrated intelligent control panel

High performance control panel, with separate control menu for each device, make teaching easier and faster operation for each device;
Integrates computer, projector, mic, speakers and other regulation functions, forming a powerful integrated smart application;

HD video booth, scan an image with one button

5-megapixel professional camera image sensor. Makes the physical presentation more real, more vivid, more faithful to the physical object and image color;
Video booth has an A3 / A4 document scanning speed of 1 second, more than 15 million pixel high-definition camera, making the office and teaching more effective;

Extensible High quality multi-function speakers

Digital audio, two-channel stereo surround sound technology. A solution that fulfils any broadcast live audio needs;
Low frequency resolving power, good detail reduction effect, high-frequency without acute feeling, effectively reducing resonance;

Card reader IC Card reader
Built-in two-color LED indicator and buzzer
Voltage: DC12V
Working current: 70-120mA
Electric Lock Working voltage: DC12V
Working current: 240mA
Power failure security lock
Data arithmetic unit Industrial grade OPS
Intel Core i5 and up
DDR3 memory
Official WIN7 Chinese Professional and OFFICE2010 enhanced edition official version or up(comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse)
Multi-function Portable Remote Control and 2.4G wireless microphone Electronic laser pointer function: PPT or WORD document scrolling, signal switching, volume control, switch projector, projection screen lift & terminal System Switch
2.4G Wireless transmission technology, automatic frequency signal search, auto-binding, no string frequency, anti-interference capacity.
Frequency Range: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz
Transmit power: +10dBm
Transmission Distance: 12~20M
Power capacity: 650mAH
Continuous use: >8h
Input interface: USB-powered interface, 3.5mm headset microphone input
Audio power amplifier 2.4G receiver and highly integrated audio amplifier
Transmission range: approximately 20m depending on environmental change
Receiver sensitivity: 90dB±2dB
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Rated output power: 2 × 30W (2 × 8 Ω impedance)
Video display unit 5 Megapixel DMOS camera
Paper dimensions: A4
SNR ≦50dB
Power supply: powered by USB interface
Power consumption:≦1.0W
Top Interface Configuration area Equipment installation,with dust-proof function
Interface: International power supply input×1, International power supply output×2, RJ45input/output×1, USB×4
RS232 ×1, Security surveillance input interface×1, 3.5mm Audio output×1, Mix outputX1
3.5mm Mic input×1, Audio amplification output interface ×2, HDMI output×1, VGA output×1
Frontal interface configuration area External portable equipment use
Interface: 3.5mm audio input×1, VGA input×1, RJ45 output×1, USB×2
Board interface configuration area 2.4G mobile control charger and external equipment power supply
Interface: Power supply output×1, USB charge interface×1
Industrial level modular design Customized industrial grade OPS structure board, plug-in circuit configuration
Exterior Alloy-panel with dual locking system: electric and manual, cabinet height 447 width 326 depth
160mm booth, pallet 350x300mm, can record A4 size resources
Material Aluminum and ABS plastic
Installation Anti-theft board, Wall-mounted
※Interactive Whiteboard software, HQ Document scanning management software, remote smart management control software, the whole device has a 3 year warranty.

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