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SE series 定制各种尺寸,≥17英寸

Stylish appearance, Ultra thin durable design

Unique appearance, Ultra thin design, Lateral maintenance, Super high rate reaction speed.
Convenient and quick maintenance, supports multi operating system, follows the trend of times.

The latest infrared hardware technology, stronger, more advanced and reliable

Ultra narrow design, Infrared PCB board width reaches 1.18cm, widely used.
Optimize the amplification circuit design, build a large number of components to use, and make the product reliability higher and stronger.

Dust prevention and waterproof design. Enhanced device usage effect

Use embedded infrared strip installation design, better fit with the frame, imperceptible sealing.
Greatly enhance the performance of dustproof and waterproof. Reduce the use influence of water mist and dust.

Multi-point touch technology. Gesture recognition patent

Integrate iBoard's self-developed high speed infrared touch technology, produce powerful multi-point interaction effects.
Convenient for the teacher to carry out multimedia teaching, enrich the method, expand teaching content.

Touch frame specifications
Touch specifications Touch Screen size Customized size,≥17 inches
Touch technology Infrared multi-point touch
Touch pressure Non-pressure
Transmittance  100%
Humidity Working\storage Humidity:90%\95%
Temperature Working temperature:-10℃~45℃    
Storage temperature:-30℃~60℃
Disturbance   Non-drift, anti-light
FHD 32767 x 32767
Power system USB port supply
Working voltage 4.75V-5.25V
Average current <300mA
Power < 1.5W
Lifetime 60,000 hours
Touch function characteristics Touch stylus Finger, pen, or any other opaque object
Multi-point touch Max-Supported 32 points
Response time <10ms
Scanning frame rate  
Minimum spot size recognition <3mm*3mm
Minimum contact motion detection <1mm
Touch object identity Supported
Fault-tolerant rate Sensor discontinuous reject ratio less than 10%, can touch
Supported system Windows 8,Windows 7 ,Windows Vista , Windows XP, Mac OS
  Windows 7 Multi-point touch HID protocol
Port Input port USB*1
Accessories USB extension cord Provided(optional)
TouchWin Disk Provided
User manual, Product certificate, Warranty Card Provided

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