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iBoard in the 123rd Canton Fair

Source:iboardRelease time:2018-05-30

       On April 15, 2018, the 123rd session of China import and export commodities fair also named Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou as scheduled. The Canton Fair has always been hailed as "barometer" and "Vane" of China’s foreign trade. This year, the Canton Fair maintains a stable  exhibition scale. Continuing to be held in three phases, the total exhibition area is 1.185 million square meters, with 60,475 booths and 25,171 domestic and foreign exhibitors. iBoard sincerely presented various products, such as electronic whiteboard, all-in- one touch machine, infrared touch screen, etc. , successfully attracting many businessmen from home and abroad, and won the audiences' high recognition, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation.
       Canton Fair spokesman , deputy director of China Foreign Trade Center, Xu Bing said that  the United States is the second largest source of buyers in the Canton Fair, and the trade friction provoked by the United States will naturally have uncertainty impact on the U.S. buyers, but the Chinese exhibitors have been actively prepared, actively optimize the product structure, develop diversified market. We also found that many export enterprises no longer solely stare at the European and American markets, but regard some areas as potential markets, such as “the belt and road" related countries and South America, Africa, which some enterprises even regard as main export markets. Some exhibitors clearly said that this point has been listed as the focus of this year's development.
       The first phase of the Canton Fair was held in the time of April 15-19th, mainly displayed electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemicals, energy products, etc. iBoard, as the leading brand in educational equipment industry, appeared at the fair with cutting-edge products, gained lots of popularity and appreciations of customers. There are also flooded visitors.
       iBoard has rich foreign trade experience and can know the real needs of overseas customers to some extent. Thus iBoard showed 65-inch and 86-inch SN series all-in-one touch machine, 96-inch interactive electronic whiteboard, UA laser projector, portable electronic whiteboard, touch frame in exhibition, providing customers with different teaching options.
       You can see customers listen carefully to iBoard’s employees for sharing the information about interactive electronic whiteboard IB-RS96 at the exhibition, with the staggered fingertips, word, PPT, whiteboard software, video, etc. All kinds of documents alternated quickly, and an Australian customer even painted a lifelike car with iBoard’s electronic whiteboard software, it won the cheers. After the comprehensive experience, all audience gave high praise to the system stability, operation fluency and touch sensitivity of iBoard’s all-in-one touch machine.
       On the scene, a business man from Russia said that iBoard brand has been approved by Russian users in previous Canton Fair Education Exhibition and the improvement of its technology will bring users a better experience. He was deeply impressed by iBoard’s excellent quality and leading technologies.
       Aiming to the actual needs of consumers, iBoard developed high-end and durable products, and its superior performance has won the favor of industry and international people. iBoard pays more attention to production control while insisting on technological innovation keeping  improving in raw materials control, structural design, production equipment, production technology and other aspects. In the pursuit of detail perfection, providing durable products with higher quality.
       In this exhibition, iBoard’s staff won audiences’ high praise by professional, enthusiastic and considerate service. iBoard’s all-in-one touch machine, ultrashort throw laser projector, electronic whiteboard and other products also have a good show. Laser Projector gradually won the users’ favor with its advantages, such as better display effect, higher brightness, lower product maintenance cost and no consumable items lifelong, etc. , meanwhile economically meeted the brightness requirements of large screen display. To show the beauty of laser lights education, iBoard laser projector perfectly interprets the needs of "best display size" to vast audience. Strengthening the overseas and local customers’ understanding to iBoard’s brands, and it plays an active role in creating an excellent national brand in education.
       At present, according to the actual needs of users and from the perspective of suppliers, iBoard will promote technology and product, business model and service management innovation, produce high-quality products that meet the market demand, focus on cultivating new advantages in technology, brand, quality, service, standard and other aspects, and promote the innovation and development of foreign trade.

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