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iBoard's General Manager Xu Jun Gives an Exclusive Interview

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-14

Here is the interview record:
Reporter: Hello, president Xu. What products did your company launch in this exhibition and what are the biggest characteristics ?
Xu Jun: Thank you, Huicong’s friends, and the host. Our products are divided into hardware and software. In terms of hardware, iBoard technology focuses on products ranging from electronic whiteboard to touch frame to touch all-in-one machine. In terms of the electronic whiteboard, we have brought the Electronic Whiteboard based on the latest infrared technology, plus the four camera real point infrared electronic whiteboard with camera technology, as well as the 135-inch 16:6 large-scale electronic whiteboard. In terms of touch frame, we have brought various series of C1, S1, B1 and other touch solutions suitable for different needs of customers. In terms of touch all-in-one machine, we have brought 70-inch, 80-inch, 84-inch and other full-size touch all-in-one machines based on infrared touch, and we have also brought 70-inch capacitive touch all-in-one machine hardware products. One of the highlights of hardware products is that we have brought Foxconn's latest laser projector products together with Foxconn. As you know, Foxconn is in the leading position in the manufacturing industry. They have also invested in the production of related products in education, from all laser, all closed cooling structure, to all closed optical path, etc., which are specially designed for the education market of Laser projector. At the same time, based on the combination scheme of single side integrated machine and computer, we have also brought a very simple and highly integrated single side integrated machine which is different from other forms of the industry and integrates computer, central control, audio and so on.
In addition to the electronic whiteboard software as always, we also brought software products with a one-to-many tracking system for the future classroom, including students' academic statistics and their usual performance. At the same time, we have a bright spot this time. We have brought the distribution system of the electronic class platform based on the wechat platform, which includes the daily management of the school, campus security, query and communication, as well as information release of students, including art, calligraphy and so on. From hardware and software to comprehensive system integration based on future education products, these are the focus of our exhibition.
Reporter: In the education market, the homogenization of products is quite serious. Such as, the electronic whiteboard and the future classroom you just talked about. So, how do you think about the homogenization of products and how will your company face it?
Xu Jun: As a veteran of the education industry, we also consider the tendency of product homogeneity. We are willing to make something different under the premise of product homogeneity, so this is the reason why we have increased R & D investment to make our own products in recent years.
Reporter: Just now president Xu told us a lot about products and technologies. Of course, after-sales is also a level that the audience pays more attention to. How does your company do after-sales service?
Xu Jun: We believe that only a high-quality product can win the trust of the market. Of course, under the premise of high-quality, we need high-quality services. And we also believe that the best quality and the least after-sales service are our pursuit. We are more willing to turn our after-sales service into pre-sales service, and then turn our after-sales service from product quality maintenance to the application service of customers. The service for customers in the deeper use of interactive products, is our pursuit.
Reporter: Thank you very much for accepting our interview today. I also hope that you will get more recognitions from users in terms of products and services in the future. Thank you very much, Mr. Xu.
Xu Jun: Thank you,too. Thanks for your consistent support.


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