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Multimedia Terminal ZK-82

OPS computer module, high-performance processor

The latest Intel® microarchitecture full range of high-performance processors to allow the OS to run continuously and steadily, to further develop the strong performance of the All-in-one;
Pluggable computer module, without having to disassemble the equipment, forming a complete and stylized product, with a convenient after-sale maintenance, reducing logistics and labor costs;

Multi-functional integrated intelligent control panel

High performance control panel, with separate control menu for each device, make teaching easier and faster operation for each device;
Integrates computer, projector, mic, speakers and other regulation functions, forming a powerful integrated smart application;

Digital document camera, scan an image with one button

3 million pixels, LED light, folding embedded structure supports zoom, display, capture, scanning, contrast teaching and other functions;
Greatly improves the teaching interactivity, making it flexible and fun, to provide students with an unprecedented interactive classroom participation;

High-quality multi-function speakers

Digital audio, two-channel stereo surround sound technology. A solution that fulfils any broadcast live audio needs;
Low frequency resolving power, good detail reduction effect, high-frequency without acute feeling, effectively reducing resonance;

  Standard Configuration Optional Configuration
PC CPU: Intel i3 core; Memory: 4GB; Integrated GPU; APU; NPU; Wifi    Intel i5/i7 core CPU; Hard Drive: 320GB/500GB
Digital Visualizer 3 million pixels; LED back-up Light; Foldable Structure; USB Digital Portal; Support Zooming/Displaying/Capturing/Scanning/Contrastive Teaching functions etc..   Double cameras
Interactive Whiteboard Infra-red sensing, multi-touch technology Interactive Whiteboard; size: 85 inches(touch area: 80 inches) Custom-made sizes
Projector LCD Short-throw Projector, brightness 3000m; Projection Ratio: 0.55; Standby Mode Power Consumption≤1W; Contrast Ratio≥3000:1; Bulb Power Consumption≥230W, support bulb changing from the top-side. LCD Short-throw Projector, brightness2600m; Projection Ratio: 0.31; Standby Mode Power Consumption≤1W; Contrast Ratio≥3000:1; Bulb Power Consumption≥190W.(compatible with other short-throw/Ultra-short-throw Projectors)
Central Control PVC film buttons, including: switch on(support two modes: switch on projector or All-in-ONE switch on), switch off, restart, PC switch, various indicator lights; volume control, mute; switch PC inputs/VGA inputs/HDMI inputs/audio inputs/touch inputs; mouse/keyboard/USB flash disk compatible; it’s able to control the central control system directly and programming and writing codes functions etc, without plugging with other PCs or cables; support audio/video long-distant internet broadcasting; universal inputs/outputs.       
Amplifier Speakers 2 units of 10 watts digital amplifier module, with high/medium/low speakers, Central Power Supply, integrated as one with the central control system; to ensure audience can hear the multi-media effects accurately. Suitable for a sized 80-100SQM teaching/meeting facility.     Cable Microphone/Cable-less Microphone

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