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Multimedia Terminal ZK-55 Integrated Interactive Whiteboard in

OPS computer module, high-performance processor

The latest Intel® microarchitecture full range of high-performance processors to allow the OS to run continuously and steadily, to further develop the strong performance of the All-in-one;
Pluggable computer module, without having to disassemble the equipment, forming a complete and stylized product, with a convenient after-sale maintenance, reducing logistics and labor costs;

Multi-functional integrated intelligent control panel

High performance control panel, with separate control menu for each device, make teaching easier and faster operation for each device;
Integrates computer, projector, mic, speakers and other regulation functions, forming a powerful integrated smart application;

HD video booth, scan an image with one button

5-megapixel professional camera image sensor. Makes the physical presentation more real, more vivid, more faithful to the physical object and image color;
Video booth has an A3 / A4 document scanning speed of 1 second, more than 15 million pixel high-definition camera, making the office and teaching more effective;

High-quality multi-function speakers

Digital audio, two-channel stereo surround sound technology. A solution that fulfils any broadcast live audio needs;
Low frequency resolving power, good detail reduction effect, high-frequency without acute feeling, effectively reducing resonance;

Computer configuration CPU:3-3240,Speed 3.4G,Level 3 cache:3MB
Integrated: Integrated Video Card Intel HD Graphic 2500,Max supported 1920-1200 Brightness; High-performance sound card
Upgrade: No need to change the motherboard,it can directly upgrade the CPU to I5 or I7series
Integrated ports Video ports: 1 input, 1 output, Audio ports:3 input, 1 output
VGA port: 3 input, 2 output USB port: 4     232port: 1     Power output: 2
IR port: 1 Independent programmable infrared emission  port, Mic: 2(wired mic, 2.4G wireless mic)
Network port: 1
Sound effect Speakers: power 20W(10*2),resistance: 4 Ω ,Sensitivity: 85DB
Frequency Response: 100HZ-18HZ
Frequency Response: 20HZ-20HZ, Sensitivity: 450mV
Volume can be adjusted according to ambient
Control Center Panel: Acrylic touch keys, horizontal arrangement, including: system switch, computer switch, volume control, projector on / off switch external PC / VGA / TV / input, infrared remote control, screen up / down AC220V universal socket
Functions: Enables one device management, operation, shut down and switch the audio and video signals, turning on the projector, raise and lower projection screen, projector anti-theft alarm, power protection, if built-in computer does not start, the other functions can be used normally
Digital booth Resolution:500 Megapixels, Scan format: A4, Color: 24bits, Scanning speed: 1 sec
Scanning media: documents, certificates, books, pictures, papers, and other physical sources: super bright LED, natural light, adjustable brightness
Picture format: JPEG, TIF, PDF, etc.       Recording format : AVI, MPEG4, H.264, FLV    
Image control: Brightness, exposure, sharpness, hue, adjustment to black side, image tone, image cropping adjustment, Installation: vertical folding, can be folded in the collection chamber
Security Management Anti-theft performance: enclosed design
Security: steel shell, high security
Power management: Unified whole power supply system, power protection
Security door: open the lower mechanical lock to use it directly as a stand tray

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