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TL series 55/65/70/75/84/98英寸

Full touch menu, channel switching fast and convenient

Menu options through touch sensor, one touch to a variety of channels, convenient and fast.
Easy maintenance, four corners with a safe round design, keeping students' personal safety effectively.

Dual system integrated design, audio, image, figure quick play

Windows, Android dual system integrated design, deep integration, switch freely.
Independent implementation of the whiteboard writing and multiple format multimedia courseware reproduction, Double protection implementation.

LED Full HD screen, high   brightness, high resolution

With high brightness, high resolution digital light display, can complete HD display of a variety of graphics and text information.
The screen display has the advantages of high definition, zero radiation, super wide viewing angle and no external light interference;

Multi-touch technology. Gesture recognition patent

Integrates iBoard self-developed high speed infrared touch technology, producing powerful multi-point interaction effects.
Convenient for the teacher to carry out multimedia teaching easily, enriching the method, expanding it.

Model No. TE-TL-55
Touch screen monitor
Touch screen monitor
Touch screen monitor
Touch screen monitor
Touch screen monitor
Touch screen monitor
Screen size 55inch 65inch 70inch 75inch 86inch 98inch
Display size 1209.6*680.4mm 1428.5*803.5mm 1538.8*865.6mm 1650*928mm 1860.5*1046.5mm 2158.8*1214.4mm
Aspect ratio 16:9
Viewing angle 178°
Screen aspect ratio 16:9/4:3/full screen
Panel resolution 1920*1080 3840*2160
4K UHD   supported, optional   supported, optional supported, optional supported, optional
Sound mode D/K、B/G、I、M
Recommended input resolution 1024*768/1280*720/1280*960/1280*1024/1360*768/1440*900/1600*1200/1920*1080@60Hz/3840*2160@30Hz/
Response time <15ms <17ms <17ms <19ms <19 ms <25ms
Input port   1*VGA 2*AV 1*S-Video 1YPBPR 3*internal HDMI(4K) 1*external HDMI(4K)  2*USB
      3*HDMI 3*VGA 1*YPBPR 2*AV 3*USB2.0 1*USB3.0 1*RS232 3*touch USB port
1*VGA 2*AV 1*S-Video 1*YPBPR 2*HDMI 2*USB
Output port 1*VGA 1*AV 1*audio
Voltage range AC(90-240)V-50/60HZ
Power range Standby input power:<1w Standby input power:<1w Standby input power:<1w Standby input power:<1w Standby input power:<1w Standby input power:<1w
Rated Power:<150w Rated Power:<220w Rated Power:<220w Rated Power:<350w Rated Power:<415w Rated Power:<510w
Working temperature 0℃-40℃
Install style Built-in touch module /Front remove touch module
Touch points support 2 points, 4 points or above optional
Touch style Finger, pen, non-transparent object
Touch technology Infrared, HID autorun/TUIO agreement
Position accuracy <0.5mm
Positioning resolution 4096*4096/16384*16384/32768*32768
Response time <8ms
Cursor speed >>180 dot/s
Infrared touch port USB
Operating system Windows/Mac OS/Android/Linux
PC response System auto-response
Response object size ≥Φ3mm
Touch screen Above 60,000,000 single-dot touch
Built-in speaker 2*10W
Product size 1283*769*100mm 1545*927*114mm 1605*951*108mm 1715*1003*94mm 1944*1145*81mm 2227*1298*120mm
Remark: above specifications are for reference, final specifications are based on your requirements.

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